Welcome to the website of the Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association. This site provides information about the Peace Education Commission (PEC) as well as its parent organization, the International Peace Research Association (IPRA). The intention of IPRA and its PEC is dissemination of information about, as well as connection between, researchers. Additionally, students and peace-development professionals join the PEC to hear about and discuss the research its members conduct on peace education.

The PEC membership is open to everyone with interests in development of peace. PEC members can attend presentations by other commissions of IPRA at its conference, in addition to the PEC presentations. Besides discussions in the commission and grand sessions of the IPRA conferences, there are several community times built into the daily schedules wherein conference participants connect within and across IPRA’s groups.

We hope that you will join the PEC and share your studies, experiences, or interest in peace education. Through our research, shared information, and collaboration, we can promote together alternatives to violence, sustainability, justice, and peacebuilding education.